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First! woot

Second! cool

Do I even still have a login to this site biggrin

Hey Angel! Somthing tells me you do! woot

But I dont remember and i think i have change my email since then biggrin

or i dont know how to login anymore P


_[B.A.D]_ Raspberry Pi server update
Contributed by: MI-78-05-2020 @ 18:43:05
Since the start of Corona crisis MOHAA seems to be more and more popular. This popularity is great for all MOHAA enthousiasts ofcourse!

The user count on our little Raspberry Pi MOHAA server is reaching its max more and more.

Before it was running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ wich was overwhelmed. Resulting in serverlag and slow server messages in game.
I have now moved the MOHAA server to a Raspberry pi4 (4GB) and no more slow server messages! Everything seems smooth now.

Also the cooling problem is solved with a full aluminium covering heatsink.

It is really nice to see that the last few weeks the server is often full or almost full

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BadAss Pi info
Contributed by: MI-719-06-2019 @ 14:47:53
It looks like the badasspi is quite powerfull, but not as powerfull as I hoped.
When running Mohaa, TS2, TS3 and this website it is causing lag at the server.
This is why I have now 2 BadAssPis :)

BadAssPi 1:[Pi 3B] running this website, TS2 and TS3
BadAssPi 2:[Pi 3B+] running Mohaa

- -
Update: BadassPi 2 is running too hot in this weather, ambient 26C.
Ive only equipped this BadAss Pi with a small aluminium heatsink with no fan and it reached 90C+.

This is why the Mohaa server is down atm.

Now looking for a better heatsink.. Maybe even watercooled. :)

Grtz MI

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BadAss Raspberry Pi !!!
Contributed by: MI-711-03-2018 @ 15:14:03
Update on my little RPI3 project:

I now have Teamspeak 3 running on the Dummies PI3!!

Next up will be: .... Anyone any suggestions?.

Thus now Teamspeak 2, Teamspeak 3, Moh:AA 1.12 and the website you see here are running on just one Raspberry pi 3!!

The BadAss Raspberry Pi 3 :)

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BadAssDummies Raspberry Pi 3 (vspStats)
Contributed by: MI-728-09-2017 @ 19:15:38
Update on my little RPI3 project:

I now have vspStats running on the Dummies PI3!!

Next up will be:
- Teamspeak 3

Thus now the Teamspeak 2 server and the MOHAA 1.12 server you see on this site are running on one Raspberry pi 3!!

A little nearer to the BadAss Raspberry Pi 3 :)

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BadAssDummies Raspberry Pi 3 (MOHAA Reborn 1.12)
Contributed by: MI-728-09-2017 @ 19:01:25
Update on my little RPI3 project:

I now have MOHAA Reborn 1.12 running on the Dummies PI3!!
(MOHAA Reborn 1.12 is an altered version of MOHAA 1.11 wich contains fixxes for wallhacks and stuff.)
(one still can connect to it and it will show up in the patched version of mohaa, asin gamespy doesnt work anymore. They made a replacement)

Next up will be:
- vspStats

A little nearer to the BadAss Raspberry Pi 3 :)

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